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Dark Star (5.2 MB)
Clear Light (5.5 MB)
Telstar [contains excerpt from Amarok] (2.6 MB)
Reflection (5.8 MB)

Greg Adams
Carl Takes A Journey (5.4 MB)
Celt (Reggae Version) (4 MB)
Funky Space Alien (6.2 MB)
Colin's Song (4.4 MB)
In My Mind... (4.5 MB)
Pirate For A Day song cycle:
Homesick (5 MB)
Pirate For A Day (7.1 MB)
In The Jungle (3.9 MB)

Brandon Blume
Platinum Part 2 (6.7 MB)
Amarok In Heaven (11 MB)

David Bruce
The Bell (remix) (5.7 MB)

Matthew Cochrane
High Up In The Air (2.8 MB)
Black Mount (2.6 MB)
The Fields of Robert John (1.5 MB)
Song of Hergest Ridge (10.8 MB)
Far Above The Clouds (The Astrophobic Remix) (3.8 MB)
Muse (1.7 MB)

Markus Engling
Tubular Bells III remix:
The Source Of Secrets (6.6 MB)
Jewel In The Crown (6.8 MB)
Serpent Dream (3.5 MB)
The Inner Child (4.3 MB)
Man In The Rain (4.6 MB)
Part 2 Intro (3.5 MB)
Secrets (4 MB)
The Millennium Bell remix:
Sunlight Shining Through Cloud (edit) (2.6 MB)
The Space Age (10.1 MB)
[Crystal Clear and Liberation]
The Millennium Bell (1 MB)
Amber Light Reprise (1.6 MB)

Steve Farrell
Risen (3.8 MB)
Game Over (3.1 MB)

Branko Gredelj
Fantasy Feel (3.5 MB)

Branko Gredelj and Sebastian Ochs
The Child (4.5 MB)

North Star (2.3 MB)

Jose Manuel Jimenez
Incantations Part 4 (1.9 MB)
Platinum (Dance Version) (3.3 MB)
Orabidoo (1 MB)
Five Miles Out (2.5 MB)
Amarok (4 MB)
Top Of The Morning (3.2 MB)
Secrets (3 MB)
Far Above The Clouds (4.5 MB)
Pacha Mama (Dance Version) (1.2 MB)

Gustavo Jobim
Tubular Improvisation 1 (9 MB)

Markus Kauppinen
The Orchestral Tubular Bells III (3.8 MB)

Carsten Kuss
Innocent (2.9 MB)
[Vocals: Dagmar Wollner and Daniela Reutner]
Amarok - Lion (4.5 MB)

Fred Lee
Amazing Grace (3 MB)

Chris Lukassen
The Voyager (4 MB)
Maya Gold (2.6 MB)
In The Pool (2.4 MB)
[from Contrasts]

Drew Minasian
Amarok - Fast Riff (2.4 MB)
Y2Kaveman (5.7 MB)
QE2x4 (7.3 MB)

Olav Neander
Rebell 2000 (5.3 MB)

Sebastian Ochs
Tango Por Julia (7.1 MB)

Francis O'Dowd
Ommadawn Part One (excerpt) (3.2 MB)
Spin Dreaming (1.9 MB)

David Parry
Horizon 501 (4.9 MB)

Stephen Patterson
Taurus 1 (excerpt) (4.1 MB)
Extract from Crises - The Watcher And The Tower (2 MB)
Dark Therapy (8.9 MB)
Dark Therapy Part Two (10.2 MB)

Yann Rayon
Out Of Mind (465 kb)

José Miguel Serrano
Tattoo (3.8 MB)
The Flying Bell (6.4 MB)
[Includes 'Flying' by Lennon-McCartney-Harrison-Starr]
Antares 2 (2.7 MB)
Slooww (3.0 MB)

Richard Thompson
Oldfield Variations Part 1 (4.6 MB)
Oldfield Variations Part 2 (5.6 MB)
Oldfield Variations Part 3 (4.9 MB)

Greg Tuby
Red Reflections (7.4 MB)

Tubular Universe (5.1 MB)
[Incorporating Private Universe by Neil Finn]
Bertha (Tubular Bells Part 2 Romantic Bit) (4 MB)
Tubular Bells II - Late Nite Slow Dance (1.6 MB)

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