Mike Oldfield
Mike's home page, where Music VR and Maestro can be downloaded and purchased.

The Mike Oldfield Information Service
Publishers of Dark Star magazine, the official source of news about Mike Oldfield.


The Twisted Bell
Humorous and enlightening Amarok postings from 1997 and earlier, gathered by Rory Ewins.

The home of Amarok's emergency substitute mailing list, including the message archive and files contributed by members.


Tubular Web
Olivier Lebra's packed site, with news, cartoons, lyrics, interviews, a discussion forum and more.

Distant Earth
Maintained by Ralf Erhard. A printed German-language magazine, Hiawatha II, is also available from here.

Pat's Mike Oldfield Page
Includes a Biography, Discography and other people's opinions of Mike's albums.

MO Wallpapers
Mike-inspired wallpapers for use on desktops and web pages.


Esprit Online
Online store with excellent stock of rare Mike Oldfield CDs, records and more.
A Dutch-based site with a trading section.


Static 19: Between Cars and Chaos
The sequel to Static 18, with information on how to order.

Lost In Static 18
Official Page of the Static 18 tribute project.

Chris Lukassen's Mike music and more.


Tubular World
Detailed Discography by Rainer Münz.

Mike Oldfield Discography
A close look at the instruments and recording equipment Mike used on each album.

Mike Oldfield University
Lise Andreasen's guide to Mike Oldfield for the serious fan.


The Mike Oldfield Web Ring
Maintained by K. Rume.
The Mike Oldfield Newsgroup.


Tubular Mailing List
French mailing list.

Twisted Bell
FAQ & News in Spanish, and more. Maintained by German Buela.

Geltrular Bells
Spanish site.

The Unofficial Mike Oldfield Page
A Spanish site by Diego de Pablos, featuring chat, videos, photos, tabs, lyrics and more....

Maintained by Javier Sanchez Fransesch.

The Italian Mike Oldfield Fan Club
A new site from Italy.

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